3 Kinds of Graffiti Bubble Letters Design by MindGem

Graffiti Bubble Letter "Simon"

Graffiti Bubble Letter "Simon" with Red Purple Color

3 Kinds of Graffiti Bubble Letters Design by MindGem is really beautiful and interesting in effects processing, especially in the play of color combinations. Bubble effect made ??on the design of this graffiti was so harmonious and so united with the main basic design. Bright colors provide a strong spirit and be a character. It's not just a sample but jiga as a form where an artist shows a class in the designing or design a graffiti art. In fact I also think it is very suitable for use as graffiti wallpaper and graffiti background layouts.

Graffiti Bubble Letter 7-Network

Graffiti Bubble Letter "7-Network" with Purple Orange Color

Graffiti Bubble Letters

Blue Graffiti Bubble Letters "Hood"

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