Graffiti Artwork by Chu Artist

Chu Graffiti, so usually people call it. Graffiti is made if the artist named Chu. Chu is so famous in the world of graffiti art. His name has been circulating since the '80s. He's already started making graffiti on a wall street, he was one of the street artists. He has worked with councils in the UK and as far away as Afghanistan to teach techniques to young people and to Encourage graffiti as an art form. More recently he has worked on projects with Banksy and Jamie Hewlett.

One again, Chu was one of the first 3D artists are there in the world, he recently made ??a graffiti Billboards in stunning 3D. You can see the artwork in the image below.

Graffiti Billboards in Kabul by Chu Artist

Wayne ‘Chu’ Edwards was born in Walsall, UK in 1971. He studied Graphic Design and has created art from an early age. He is particularly well known for his stunning 3D graffiti art designs, which require 3D glasses to view. Away from graffiti, Chu is also a computer games designer, working on, amongst others, the game based on the Disney movie ‘Aladdin’.

Timelapse for the Everything Everywhere illusion painted in Manchester by Chu

Chue Graffiti - Bangkok freestyle in 360 degrees

Hole in Wall Graffiti by Chu

Ohms Graffiti Canvas by Chu Artist

Graffiti Illusion by Chu

Graffiti Artwork by Chu Artist Picture and Wallpapers

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