Graffiti Writing (Information About Graffiti Writing)

Information About Graffiti Writing
To this day we try to give a little information about the graffiti writing. We serve with a brief and clear, so easy to be accepted by many people. Trying to write graffiti with a variety of styles and innovation is something that is fun and interesting. Art exists and is used as a form for self-expression to the sentiment that exists in every human heart and mind. Most of which already exist, the media or a place to draw graffiti was a wall. Now this graffiti is getting high popularity, even from all classes. As for the graffiti design was already growing and innovative. Not just one kind of design but more many designs with different characters, not even a rare combination among different graffiti design is raised.

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4 Graffiti Writing

Art of Graffiti Writing

The art of graffiti writing can be traced back to the period of 30,000 BCE. These art works are included in the category of cave paintings/pictographs. The tools used in writing were animal bones and natural pigments. The contemporary culture of these pre-historic times gets reflected in pictographs. Hunting expeditions, festivals and other events are depicted through graffiti writing of this period. Nowadays, graffiti writing has also been used in the memory of a person or event. To leave traces in wet cement so that the graffiti remains there permanently is a common practice.

Graffiti Writing Alphabet

A device called palm pilot makes use of graffiti writing alphabets. The alphabets are easy to draw and most of them can be completed in a single stroke. These graffiti letters are however, relevant only to the device. The graffiti alphabets created by artists have many different forms. Many styles and designs are used in recreating these alphabets, as per the imagination and skills. You can also refer to: how to do graffiti writing to get your queries solved about the procedure.

The topic of graffiti writing presents an overview of its history and different styles being used. One would find it interesting to try out graffiti writing since, the art form is not bound by any rules; one should therefore, learn graffiti art. It is one of the best ways to express yourself.

graffiti writing,graffiti wall,graffiti letters

Graffiti Wall by Rocks

One should try and learn how to draw graffiti by sheer instincts or if proper guidance is needed, expert advise can be availed. Learn more about graffiti style writing through information presented below.

1. Tag Writing
It is kind of a signature which helps in identifying who is the creator of a particular art work. A tag, apart from being a signature, can be a sign or visual design of an individual. The names encoded in tags have their meanings associated with or which arise from the typical local culture (including the slang words). Use of only a limited number of letters is the specialty of tag writing. One should however, understand that there is no specific/standard rule for tag writing; as stated above, the format/styles arises purely out of the local culture or the environment in which the artist has evolved. More information on how to learn graffiti step by step should be useful.

graffiti writing,drawing graffiti,graffiti wall

Graffiti Writing Throwups

2. Styles of Graffiti
The art of graffiti writing can be understood in a better manner with the knowledge of different styles being used. The different styles of graffiti writing are as follows: Chinese Graff style, Softy Letter style, Wiggles Bboy style, Puzzle style, Shadow style W 3D and Flava Wildstyle. More information on graffiti styles and techniques should be useful.

graffiti writing,graffiti wall,drawing graffiti

Graffiti Wall Street

graffiti writing,graffiti wall,drawing graffiti,graffiti letters

Drawing Graffiti Letter Wall Street

graffiti writing,graffiti letters,graffiti wall

Graffiti Letters Wall Waks

graffiti writing,graffiti wall,graffiti 3d

Graffiti Wall Street Characters

graffiti writing,graffiti sketches,wildstyle graffiti

Sketch Graffiti Writing

graffiti writing,graffiti letters,tag graffiti alphabet

Tags Graffiti Writing

graffiti writing,graffiti letters

Hayden - Graffiti Letters

3. Graffiti Writing Fonts
The list of different graffiti writing fonts is presented below.
Pilot Rase
RaseOne Fat 3D
RaseOne Outline
Rase Basic
RaseOne Original
Fat Cap
Human Rase
New Digital
Rase GPL
Rase Tribals

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