How to Draw Bubble Letters of Graffiti ?

Graffiti is art pictures. Therefore it is very nice if we could make a good graffiti. But unfortunately not everyone can make a graffiti design. It takes talent to be able to make it but there also could be doing it because they want to study and learn all about graffiti. Bubble letters are one of the styles that exist in graffiti. It is a style that is easy as well as a favorite for many people. You want to know more details, let's learn together to draw graffiti bubble letters. Follow the tutorial below!

How to Draw Bubble Graffiti Letters

Draw Bubble Letters Step 1 :
The first step to do is to prepare all the necessary requirements for the drawing. Prepare paper, pencils, erasers. Let's start making graffiti!

Choose a word that is easy for you, it will be said we make a graffiti bubble. You can create your own graffiti with the name. But for example we will select a word "Bubble". If you are confused you can follow the example tutorial we made. Draw a guide lines for the top and bottom of your letters and then space them out with rounded blocks. Are doing well!

How to Draw Bubble Graffiti Letters

Draw Bubble Letters Step 2 :
Form in accordance with the said letter. The trick is to use a rounded letter blocks as a starting point draw in fat rounded letters. Form letters properly and equally great to have an equal balance of both will look neat. Make each letter overlap may look more attractive. But if you have other ideas you can make innovations in accordance with your preferences, it will be able to show the style and character as an artist.

How to Draw Bubble Graffiti Letters

Draw Bubble Letters Step 3 :
Improve graffiti design on each letter. Create as possible, if there is something wrong or less than perfect you can fix it by using the eraser. Bold outline of the design of the letter.

How to Draw Bubble Graffiti Letters

Draw Bubble Letters Step 4 :
At this stage, the basic design of graffiti have been formed almost perfect. Clean up help lines that had been used to form letters by using the eraser. If anything is missing should be immediately repaired.

How to Draw Bubble Graffiti Letters

Draw Bubble Letters Step 5 :
The last step is a finishing. We have to add effects to make it look better. Give effect to make it look real design (3D).

Proper shading makes your bubble letters appear more rounded. Imagine a light source so you can decide where the shading should be the darkest. I have drawn a light bulb and some arrows to show you where my imaginary light source is. You can draw the light bulb on your paper if it helps you, but it is not required.

Shade in layers, first lightly and then go back and darken your shading.

I have added a small circle on the upper left of each letter to indicate a highlight.

Finally graffiti you have finished, if you're having trouble then you can try it with letters more easily. Do it over and over again that you are getting an expert in making graffiti. Remember, start with something simple. How? if you are interested in learning more graffiti. Follow our tutorial next.

How to Draw Bubble Letters of Graffiti ? Picture and Wallpapers

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